just some urban photographs


PUNCH! is an intimate journey into the world of boxing. It examines the emotions, the pain, the suffering, the passion and enthusiasm of boxers. PUNCH! visually tells the stories of boxers from the training, the preparation for the competition, over the fight, up to victory and defeat. PUNCH! is not a sports reportage, but it’s an emotional, personal, documentary approach to the world of boxers. I always try to catch the mood of a boxing event, to get the emotions, the pain, the passion, the effort that accompanies a boxing fight. I try to find those elements of narration and drama that Joyce Carol Oates was writing about. And I love the shadows and the darkness that are hiding more than they reveal. That’s how I’m trying to give a push to the fantasy and to the memories of the beholder with my photographs. It’s a kind of cinematic approach to photography. It’s like the film stills in front of cinemas that try to tell the story of a movie with a few photos. So it is no accident, that some important movies of movie history are about boxing – Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull (1980), Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby (2004), David O. Russells The Fighter (2010), or the most famous of all boxing movies, John G. Avildsen’s Rocky. All these movies are staging boxing as existential dramas. Their stories are telling of underdogs, of comeback attempts, of emotions – and of the thin red line between victory and defeat, fame and descent.