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Jürgen Bürgin, born in 1971, is an author and photographer in Berlin, Germany. He has worked as a teacher as well as a PR agent in movie business. His works as a photographer have been exhibited around the world – in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, New York, Sydney, Belgrade, Bratislava and many more – in numerous galleries and museums. His works have been published in several books, newspapers and magazines, and many collections worldwide have included his books and prints.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

Punch! depot.K, Freiburg im Breisgau. Doppelausstellung mit Hans Peter Friedrich.
Punch! Kunstgehäuse, Dresden. Doppelausstellung mit Sigfried Winderlich.

Close Encounters. Gemeinschaftshaus Langwasser, Nürnberg.
Punch! Rathaus, Gernsbach.
Manhattan Transfer. Galerie für junge Künstler- und DesignerInnen, Berlin. Doppelausstellung mit Jörg Rubbert.
City Lights. Villa Berberich, Kunstverein Hochrhein, Bad Säckingen. Doppelausstellung mit Jan Medau.

street voices. LiTE-HAUS Galerie, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin

Urban Fever. Galerie Fototreppe, Hanau.
Exposure. Circus photographs, with circus words by Anna-Sophie Jürgens. Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin.
Circus. With circus words by Anna-Sophie Jürgens. BartCelona. Belgrade, Serbia.
Urban Fever. Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia.

Die letzten Tage des Hotel Bogota. Plan B+Vitamin B, Berlin.
Lichter der Manege. Die Circusfotografien von Jürgen Bürgin. Universitätsbibliothek, Marburg.
Mensch und Metropole. Galerie im Saalbau, Berlin.
Vietnam Streets. Wirkungskreis, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin.

Fotografien. Galerie Lardon, Ahrenshoop.

Das Glück in großen Städten. Galerie Lardon, Ahrenshoop.

Urban Ballads. Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Group exhibitions (selection)

Nachtsicht. Europäischen Künstlerhaus Schafhof, Freising.

Intimate Strangers. Hamburg. Fotografien von Jörg Rubbert und Jürgen Bürgin.
Das Geräusch des Wassers. LUX, Berlin. Japan Photography by Sven Kräuter and Jürgen Bürgin.
Schwarz-Weiß. Peters-Barenbrock Galerie, Berlin

Diversity Day. LiTE-HAUS Galerie, Berlin
Intimate Strangers. Amerika Haus, Tübingen. Fotografien von Jörg Rubbert und Jürgen Bürgin.
Depth of Field. Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California.

7th Annual Photobook Show. Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA.
Rendez-vous Image. Photobooks. Strasbourg, France.
Manly Library Artist’s Book Award. The Creative Space. Manly, Australia.
Nightshift. Street Photography After Dark. Jörg Rubbert and Jürgen Bürgin. Central European House of Photography, Bratislava.

INFOCUS photobook exhibition. Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AR.
StreetProjections. Street photography show as part of European Month of Photography, Berlin.
Hand-painted work by Juliana Lazzaro. Photographs. New York Fashion Week. Lululemon Athletica, New York.
7th Annual Photobook Show. Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY.
We love people. Atelier Alen, Munich.

Berlin Photography. Carpentier Galerie, Berlin.
30 Jahre Fotogalerie Friedrichshain – Retrospektive. Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin.
Urban Nights. Fotogalerie Potsdam, Potsdam.
Schwarz-Weiss. Peters-Barenbrock Galerie, Ahrenshoop

Photographs. Galerie seifert Lardon, Berlin
Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg.
Art Fair cologne, Cologne.
Urban Places. Galerie Aspekt, Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
Works of the Artists of the Gallery. Galerie seifert Lardon, Berlin.
Photographs. Deutsche Bank Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Local Colors May Vary #1 Berlin. Art festival Nachtundnebel, Berlin.

Street Shots/NYC.  South Street Seaport Museum, New York.

Life out of Balance. Urban Picnic Gallery, Saffron Waldon, Essex, GB.

Jürgen’s photographs and books are in the permanent collections of several libraries, galleries and museums including:
Manly Library, Australia
Neukölln Museum, Berlin
Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin
Fototreppe 42, Hanau, Germany
South Street Seaport Museum, New York
International Center of Photography Library, New York
Badische Landesbibliothek
Württembergische Landesbibliothek
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
The Rfotofolio Collection, Carmel, California
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava
Gallery BartSelona, Belgrade, Serbia
Kunstverein Paderborn
LUX, Berlin
And several private collections.

Awards (selection)

Innocent Award. Nomination.

Rendez-vous Image. Photobook Award. Nomination.
PhosAthens Street Photography Award, Second Jury Prize
Manly Library Artists’ Book Award. Nomination.
The 2017 Juried Call. rfotofolio. Selection.

Member of Masterpiece Edition.
Asia-Europe Foundation, On the Go Award, Shortlist.
PhotoWerkBerlin Awards, Shortlist.

Urban Photographer of the Year. Shortlist.

Fashion photography contest, C/O Berlin gallery. Winner.
Subway photography contest. C/O Berlin gallery. Winner.
Brennpunkt Award of Browse photography festival in Berlin. 2nd place.

Sony World Photography Award in the category ‚After Dark‘. Shortlist.

Photography PR, Exhibition Curating, Workshops & Consultation

1440 Minutes New York City, Peyman Azhari. Photobook.
Urban Fever, Jürgen Bürgin. Photobook.
Luchadores, José Luis Abalo Abalo. Photobook.
Urban Ballads, Jürgen Bürgin, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain. Exhibition.
1440 Minutes New York City, Kunstverein Koelberg, Köln. Exhibition.
Berlin Street Photography. Photowerk Berlin. Workshop.
Das Glück in großen Städten, Jürgen Bürgin. Galerie Lardon, Ahrenshoop. Exhibition.
Die letzten Tage des Hotel Bogota, Jürgen Bürgin. Plan B+Vitamin B, Berlin. Exhibition.
Vietnam Streets, Jürgen Bürgin. Wirkungskreis, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin. Exhibition.


Juliana Lazzaro, fashion artist
Michaela Spänle, actress
Schulze & Heyn FILM PR, movie company
Miniaturbuchverlag Leipzig, publishing house
Weihnachtszirkus Lörrach
Circus Hoppla Hopp
Alexandru Cirneala, actor

Publications (selection)

PUNCH – A VISUAL STORY. Chumbo Publishing (monograph).

Anna-Sophie Jürgens: Manegenkünste: Zirkus als ästhetisches Modell (cover photo)

Anna-Sophie Jürgens: Circus, Science and Technology (cover photo)

Depth of Field Catalogue. Rfotofolio Editions.

URBAN FEVER – Scenes from city life. Photo book (monograph).

Anna-Sophie Jürgens: Poetik des Zirkus. Dissertation. With circus photographs by Jürgen Bürgin.

Marathon. (article)
Portfolio Jürgen Bürgin. brennpunkt – Magazin für Fotografie 1/2013 (article).

The Storyteller. PoV magazine, issue No. 1 (article).
Jürgen Bürgin. Singular Art Magazine – The Sun Issue (article).
Begegnung mit dem Unbekannten. (article).

Press quotes

“It’s the melancholy of the everyday moments that allows the photographer Jürgen Bürgin to captivate the viewer.” Pauline Piskam, Der Tagesspiegel

“Bürgin is a rounder of street photography. […] For [Knut] Elstermann Bürgin’s photos have something mysterious, unfathomable, and for him their creator is one of those quiet geniuses who make their daily job unpretentiously and then, in their second, secret life, surprisingly create something great.‘ Andreas Kurtz, Berliner Zeitung

“The photos that Jürgen Bürgin is presenting in his first solo exhibition are telling amazing stories. Whether in black and white or in color, whether in New York, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and his adopted home of Berlin – he captures moments that no movie director and no novelist could have come up more atmospheric or more enchanting.“ Patrick Heidmann, Greatest Berlin Magazin

“On Twitter we discovered him, on Facebook we immediately liked him, on Instagram we do not get enough of him! […] We are talking about a unique photographer, who tells heart-rending stories with each of his images – Urban Ballads.“

“The career of the photographer Jürgen Bürgin seems like a modern urban fairy tale: Just three years ago the Berliner by choice […] began to take pictures, initially mainly on the streets of Berlin. His poetic and often melancholic images were quickly recognized and appreciated in the international art photography scene. […] Today, Jürgen Bürgin has a strong following as a photographer with more than 18,000 followers on Twitter.“

Photo publications (selection):

The Times, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Akzente, Greatest Berlin Magazin, Berliner Morgenpost, Die Oberbadische, Badische Zeitung, Positive Magazine, POV Magazine,, La Lettre de la Photographie, Ostseezeitung,, Weser-Report, Bremer, Weserkurier, BZ, Top Magazin, Bundeswehr Aktuell, Kulturnews, Camera Magazin, Brennpunkt, Lodown Magazine, Berlin Magazine,, Slow Travel Berlin, Herrenblatt, Paperblog, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, Szene Lübeck, Hauptstadtblog, Kultura extra, Berliner Lokalnachrichten, Mit Vergnügen, Die Welt, Lift,,, Oberhessische Presse,, Potsamer Neueste Nachrichten,, Monopol Magazin,,, Kiez und Kneipe, etc.