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PUNCH is a photography book by Jürgen Bürgin. It’s an intimate and revealing journey through the world of boxing in New York, Berlin and Lisbon. It’s an immersive and dark visual narrative that follows boxing fighters from the training and preparation phase to the thrill of the fight and the moment of victory. A dramatic, evocative and emotional look into the vivid details of a classic sport, whose enormous influence on popular culture gives this work a universal and timeless appeal.

128 pages, including a booklet
30 x 25 cm
Title: PUNCH – A visual story
Author: Jürgen Bürgin
Publisher: chumbo
Texts: Jürgen Bürgin, Yuri Lopes Pereira
ISBN: 978-989-53712-0-4
Release date: December 2022
Price: 55,00 €

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